cocoon your world
—product identity, packaging and launch campaign for Denon Cocoon

Denon & Marantz launch their speaker docks simultaneously. While the Marantz Consolette is supposed to be the high-end choice of connoisseurs willing to pay audiophile prices, the Denon Cocoon is meant to address a more lifestyle-oriented audience. Fit for global launch in different markets such as Europe, the U.S., Japan and China.

Senior Art Direction @ KW43 Branddesign/GREY

The speaker docks shape appears unconventional, almost odd. A design object itself. Its sound is powerful, extremely rich, and it surrounds you like a cocoon.

The product identity, including naming, logo, packaging and launch ideas, is open for a wider range of different cocoon products and makes the clean object a hero by changing perspectives: Let the world surround the Cocoon.

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