ambassador of education
—event design for Tag der Bildung

There is a central and basic idea in the work of Stifterverband, SOS-Kinderdörfer worldwide and Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung: Every human being shall have the chance to make the best out of their talents. The chance to get the most out of their life, irrespective of social and cultural origins, regardless of religion, gender and age. That is why the initiative “Tag der Bildung” (day of education) was established.

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The fundamental right of education should not be a privilege of the few. It must be as common as possible. Education creates opportunities. For every individual and for society as a whole. It is simple as that.

Education strengthens the willingness to accept responsibility. It can enhance emotional intelligence. Demographic change, constant transformation and polarisation of society result in major questions that need to be addressed.
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